Monthly Archives: March 2004

Targets with depleted uranium questioned

March 23, 2004 Las Vegas SUN The Air Force will hold the first of three public meetings tonight to accept comments on what to do with 182 tanks on the Nevada Test and Training Range that were used as targets…

MIT Health Panel on ‘Depleted’ Uranium Weapons

On March 6, 2004, MIT held a forum on ‘depleted’ uranium weapons. Hear the Health Panel, with presentations by Alexandra Miller and Thomas Fasy. A question and answer session followed. Professor Jonathan King moderated. >>Presentations available at┬áTraprock Peace Center

A Radioactive Nightmare In Concord, Massachusetts

By Ed Ericson E/The Environmental Magazine 3-8-4 The waitress at the ice cream shop in Concord, Massachusetts, was surprised. “A Superfund site?” she asked incredulously. “On Main Street?” It’s not just a Superfund site but one dubbed by a cleanup…