The 3rd ICBUW International Conference Hiroshima, August 3-6, 2006

Raising Our Voices with the Victims for the Total Abolition of DU Weapons.

The International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW) will hold its 3rd Annual Conference this August in Hiroshima, Japan.

We are planning to invite victims from DU-affected areas, veterans exposed to DU on the battlefield, as well as scientists, politicians and journalists, who will present their latest findings and views.

Our goal is to shine a brighter light on toxic, radioactive DU weapons and highlight the urgent, global nature of this danger that threatens us all. We extend this invitation to all concerned. Please come to Hiroshima and unite your voice with ours to strengthen our demand for immediate measures for the victims and a total, explicit, and effective ban on the DU weapons. Lets send a powerful message from Hiroshima, the symbol of radiological disaster.

Planning for the sessions is still underway, and we will keep you informed as the program takes shape. Check back here soon for further information about registration procedures.

Objectives of the conference:

(1) To show our solidarity with the DU victims and raise a stronger voice for an effective ban

(2) To clarify the scientific and legal issues on which the campaign depends

(3) To map out further campaign strategies toward an effective ban on and total abolition of uranium weapons (including research and compensation issues)

Dates and places:
August 3rd: plenary meeting (Hiroshima International Conference Center: simultaneous interpretation)
August 4th: plenary meeting (same)
August 5th: workshops and meetings co-organized with allied organizations (venues TBA)
August 6th:
morning : Hiroshima Day Ceremony (Peace Memorial Park)
afternoon: closing session
evening: Lantern Floating (by the Motoyasu River) and Farewell party.

Among about 30 people who have already agreed to participate are:

From Iraq:
Dr. Jawad Al-Ali: Director of the Cancer Center, Basra Teaching Hospital. ICBUW science counsellor.
Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi: Vice-President of Mamoun University of Scientific Affaires; former professor of environmental engineering at Baghdad Univ., recipient of the 2003 Nuclear-Free Future Award for her work on environmental contamination after the Gulf War in Iraq.
Mr. Khajak Varnatian: Physicist, Basrah Environmental Department, engaged in measuring the DU contamination in Basra, and now involved in a NGO concerned about environmental contaminations caused by wars.

From the USA:
Mr. Herbert Reed: an Iraq War Veteran suing the US ministry of the Army with eight other veterans.
Dr. Thomas Fasy: Mt. Sinai Hospital (New York). One of the initiators of the Iraq Tooth Project.
Mr. Dennis Kyne: a Gulf-War veteran and author of Support the Truth.
Ms. Sunny Miller: Traprock Peace Center (tentative)
Ms. Charles Jenks: Traprock Peace Center (tentative)
Mr. Steve Leeper: Global Peacemakers Association-Atlanta.
Ms. Elisabeth Baldwin: Global Peacemakers Association-Atlanta.

From Canada:
Dr. Rosalie Bertell: founder of IICPH – International Institute of Concern for Public Health; recipient of the Right Livelihood Award 1986. ICBUW science counsellor.
Sister Eileen White: long-time campaigner against nuclear weapons: Dr. Bertells companion.

From Latin America:
Mr. Damacio Lopez(Costa Rica): IDUST (International DU Study Team). Used to live near a DU test-firing range in New Mexico, USA. One of the founders of the ICBUW campaign.

From Europe:
Dr. Keith Baverstock (Finland): Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Kuopio; Former Senior Research Adviser, WHOs Radiation Section.
Mr. Ray Bristow (UK): a Gulf-War veteran and DU victim. In 2004, he brought into question the British Armys DU Information Card issued only to its own soldiers deployed in southern Iraq.
Dr. Chris Busby (UK): Chemical Physics. Scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk. Helped to found the Low Level Radiation Campaign in 1994.
Ms. Paola Melone (Italy): widow of the Italian veteran, Stefano Melone.
Mr. Filippo Montaperto (Italy): Osservatorio Militare. DU victim.
Dr. Antonietta Gatti (Italy): Modina Univ. nanodiagnostic. Examined some of the sick veterans who served in the Balkans.
Dr. Stefano Montanari (Italy)
Ms. Stefania Divertito (Italy): journalist, news editor for the national daily METRO and winner of the 2004 Journalist of The Year Award in Italy for her articles on depleted uranium.
Ms. Yukari Saito (Italy): translator. Italy-Japan Information Center in Pisa.

From the Asia-Pacific Area:
Dr. Rachel Darken (Australia): Vice President. MAPW – Medical Association for the Prevention of War; IPPNWs International Councillor.
Mr. Ray Bradbury (Australia): Director of the DU documentary, Blowin in the Wind.

More participants will be confirmed in the following weeks, please check back here for updates.

In addition, the Mayor of Hiroshima, Tadatoshi Akiba has agreed to give an opening address. Some more guests and participants are being considered, for instance, from Korea, Australia, and Former-Yugoslavia.

Among the ICBUW members expected to participate are:
Manfred Mohr (Germany: IALANA-Germany);
Rae Street (Great Britain: CADU);
Tara Thornton (USA: Maine Coalition for Endangered Species);
Gretel Munroe (USA: Grassroots Actions for Peace);
Ria Verjauw (Belgium: representative of the Belgian Coalition to Stop Uranium Weapons);
Francesco Iannuzzelli (Italy: PeaceLink);
Dr. Heike Schroeder (Germany: Social Medicine and Epidemiology, Univ. of Bremen);
Doug Weir (Great Britain: CADU).

Conference Organiser:
International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons ICBUW

Host groups:
NO DU Hiroshima Project NODU
Campaign Against Radiation Exposure (CARE)
Japanese groups in support of ICBUW

ICBUWs mission:
In an International Appeal to Ban the Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons drafted in 1997 by Ramsey Clark, Former US Attorney General, it reads:

Depleted-uranium weapons are an unacceptable threat to life, a violation of international law and an assault on human dignity. To safeguard the future of humanity, we call for an unconditional international ban forbidding research, manufacture, testing, transportation, possession and use of DU for military purposes. (Depleted Uranium Metal of Dishonor, revised edition, 1999, p.21)

This is a very concise, unambiguous text that shows the compatibility of clearly recognizing the illegality of certain weapons, on the one hand, and aiming for their ban, on the other; or, to put it more positively, the legitimacy of, and the need for, an explicit ban to abolish weapons considered illegal. (Metal of Dishonor also includes Ramsey Clarks article entitled simply, Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons.)

It is precisely in such a vein that, while confirming the illegality of the use of such weapons, ICBUW is striving for a specific treaty banning DU weapons. We are inspired by previous treaties banning biological and chemical weapons and landmines that have all proved successful.

Furthermore, as the antipersonnel landmine treaty has shown, a DU ban treaty would have an immense, legal and political significance even if certain countries would not sign it.

Nobuo Kazashi (ICBUW Coordinator of the Asian-Pacific region) Email
Haruko Moritaki (Secretary-General, NO DU Hiroshima Project)Email
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