We invited two Doctors of Iraq to Hiroshima and had a forum with them

Two Doctors are staying and studying in Nagoya in Japan.

March 3rd, 2004

Forum on the Iraq War and DU Weapons with Iraqi Doctors.
(Sponsored by the NO DU Hiroshima Project Co-sponsored by Hiroshima Alliance for Nuclear Weapons Abolition)

Dr. Muhammad Hassan from Baghdad in Iraq.

Nobuo Kazasi (NO DU Hiroshima Project) speaking.

Dr. Asaad Ameer fron Basrah in iraq.

Katsumi Huritsu (Dr.)

Ms. Asami, the activist of Save the Iraqe Children Nagoya

Atsuko Ooe, the activist of Seve the Iraqe children Hiroshima

Work shop at The Hiroshima University with the Prof.

With some of working members of NO DU Hiroshima Project..

At the Hiroshima Station.