Messege of Iraq

by BAHAREE – last update: Sep 2, 2004

Diary of Iraq

Dear Friends
I am planning to introduce for you what is happing in Iraq.
I wish that I receive from you any questions you might have about:
1. Present condition of Iraq, or spesific points.
2. Any information about Iraqi, general information you might wish to know.
Your friend Baharee

28th of August
Every body in Iraq is happy because Najaf problem solved.
Temperature start from now coming down, almost the pick of summer is finished. In north of Iraq where you can find many high mountains, the weather now is very comfortable, therefore many Iraqi travel to North before the school holiday finish. The new study year in Iraq start on 18th of September.

29th August
Today, the fighting start in Sadder city and Faluja city…every body feel so sad and sorry for that.
Next Wensday I should go to Musol, northn of Iraq for few days….I will add some photos about Musol in my album next week.

30th of August
Today Baghdad start wake up on so many police cars alarm, every whereit was just like morning in hell.
I think that one of the biggest advantages of mutiny of Mr. Muktada Al Sader in Najaf city, is that US army and Iraqi government found that force can never overcome the people’s willpower. Therefore there is negotiation between Iraqi government and Iraqi resistance in Sader city in Baghdad, Najaf, Faluja and Samera. I think only now the Iraqi government found the correct way how to treat the problems.
Today from 8:00 A.M tell this moment 13:30 P.M, I could her many explosions her and there in Baghdad, I hope that nothing serious is there.
No body can understand the feeling of Iraqi people now, because it is so complicated condition. We was hitting Saddam, now we are against US, Iraqi government, Iraqi resistance and all kind of violent. We want peace only peace.
We were looking to get our freedom from Saddam regime, but we didn’t know that Iraq will be the cost for this freedom.

31st of August
Today is the last day in August, Iraqi people are happy with too much caution. Because we didn’t get use to have complete happy day in the last 36 years.
Fighting is mostly stopped in most of Iraq, because of the negotiation between Government and Iraqi resistance in many places in Iraq.
But again the sad story of the two French journalists is disorder our day.
Nobody of Iraqi agree with such violent things, it is against Islam, and against our moral.
But I has question for all governments in the world, why in 24 hours after the French were token as hostages, the reaction came from all over the world, but there is more hostages in Iraq but from poor countries like Nepal and others nobody talk about them?
Human is human ..and peace is for allwe should love each other and forget to home we belong.

2nd of September
Dear Friends
I am still in Musol city ( north of Iraq 4oo km far from Baghdad). The old name of this city is Nenava, it is 6000 years old city. The population of this city is about 2,500,000.
I will bring you with me on 4th of sepetember so many straing stories happining in this city now. The life in this city is becoming like life in hell.
Some of the photos which you will see in next report will explain for you some facts.
See you