Richard ‘Nibby’ David Sues Honeywell for Depleted Uranium Poisoning

Carolyn dHesse Rogers | NDDU Support Group

In London, UK, Mr Richard ‘Nibby’ David is bringing a court case against his former employers, for exposing him to depleted uranium.

In spite of severe ill health and in the face of considerable financial hardship Nibby has persisted doggedly over several years in getting his case together.

The hearing is scheduled for the 4th to the 15th October 2004, at the High Court in London. He hopes the well known QC Michael Mansfield will represent him in this landmark case.

Donate to NibbyNibby David worked as an engineer from 1985-1995 in the aerospace industry. He worked for a UK company Normalair Garrett in Yeovil (UK), now owned by the US company Honeywell. In the course of his work, he was poisoned by depleted uranium (DU). Because of this, he now suffers from severe illnesses.

A number of his colleagues have already died of cancer. However Honeywell refuses to admit that DU was used in the aerospace department where Richard David worked. The most the company concedes at the present, is that its employees were involved in handling “tungsten heavy metal alloy”.

Proof of radioactive poisoning was, amongst others, delivered by Dr. W. Hoffman of the Bremen Institute for Prevention Research and Social Medicine. Tests carried out by Mr Hoffman demonstrate that Nibby has an increased rate of chromosome mutations, which can only occur from exposure to ionising radiation.

Nibby David has recently been granted legal aid on the grounds that the case is in the wider public interest. If Mr. David wins, it will set a precedent for similar compensation cases world wide. Thousands of UK Gulf War veterans suffer from a similar range of health problems. Yet, the British government still denies the dangers of exposure to depleted uranium. If the case is won, this may contribute tremendously to the cause of banning the use of depleted uranium.

“Our Lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” Dr Martin Luther King

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