DU Information Card

DU Information Card

DU Information Card (Introduced: 03/03) F Med 1018
You have been deployed to a theatre where Depleted Uranium (DU) Munitions have been used.
DU is a weakly radioactive heavy metal, which has the potential to cause ill health.
You may have been exposed to dust containing DU during your employment.

Further Information
You are eligible for an urine test to measure uranium.
If you wish to know more about having this test, you should consult your unit medical officer on return to your home base. Your medical officer can provide information about the health effects of DU.
Information is also available on the MoD website:

Date sent: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 01:21:57 +0900
Subject: a question Re: [du-list] MoD Information Card
From: Kazashi <xxx>
To: <xxx>

Dear Henk,

Thank you very much for the very important information.
It reads: (Introduced 03/03)

Does this mean that this information card was introduced in March? 2003, but this “introduction” came to light only now?
I appreciate your immediate response. Kazashi

Dear Kazashi,

That is correct. I am also amazed that this hasn’t become public in the past
year, even when I am fully aware about fact that soldiers are pressed to
keep silence.


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From: Raymond Bristow

Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 4:21 PM
Subject: MoD Accept DU has the potential to cause ill health

MoD Accept DU has the potential to cause ill health
British Troops serving in Iraq are now being issued with an F Med 1018.
Why not before the Iraq war, Balkans or Gulf War?
Are service personnel from other nations aware that British Troops carry this warning card?
Are Iraqi Civilians aware of this warning card?
Are Civilians aware of this warning card who around the world live near test firing range’s.
Copies of this card should be made for the Iraqi civilians to turn up at British & American Military establishments in Iraq and ask for testing as it was the US and the UK that used Uranium Munitions.

Please distribute the faxed, photo-copy of the card that was sent to me.

REMEMBER The MoD have always told Gulf War 1 Vet’s DU IS SAFE

another demonstration of an UNTRUTH

It was said that DU was experimental during Gulf War 1 – then is this
another demonstration of the breaking of the Nuremberg Code by observing the health effects on the Veterans after the War?