Scottish Veteran first to win Landmark ruling on Depleted Uranium poisoning from the Gulf War the Tribunal was heard in Edinburgh


Wednesday 3rd February 2004 Landmark Breaking

Another first for Hull based National Gulf Veterans & Families Association

Scottish Veteran first to win Landmark ruling on Depleted Uranium poisoning from the Gulf War the Tribunal was heard in Edinburgh

02 02 04.

Kenny Duncan from Clackmananshire Scotland yesterday became the first British Gulf War Veteran to win his case for Depleted Uranium Poisoning from the gulf War 1991.

Kenny served with the Royal Corps of Transport and served as a specialist Tank transporter, it was one of his jobs to move Iraqi Tanks hit and destroyed by Depleted Uranium, it was doing this job that caused his exposure by inhaling the Depleted Uranium Dust from the burnt out tanks hit by DU. All 3 of Kenny and Mandy’s children have physical health problems since being born post Gulf War.

Kenny won his case at the Pensions appeal Tribunal service at Scotland he was represented by Mr Roy Gibson of the NGVFA based in Hull the National Charity for Gulf War Veterans.

The tribunal found that Mr Kenny Duncan’s exposure to Depleted Uranium was attributable to service in the 1991 Gulf War. The Chairman and Doctor found the Chromosome Aberrations Tests carried out at the World Health Organisation Laboratories Bremen Institute implicit, it must be noted that these tests had to be paid for by the Charity. We have to thank a German Professor Dr Albrect Schott who recognised the similarities and had the bloods taken and tested at the Bremen Institute. The blood tests show damage by Ionising radiation from the Gulf War and can only be from the Battlefield. We have to thank Dr.Med W.Hoffmann M.P.H WHO Bremen Institute Germany.

It must be noted that it is 13 years since the Gulf War 1991 and the Government and the Ministry of Defence have not yet tested British Soldiers for Depleted Uranium Damage and disease, yet the 24hr Urine test has been available since 1996, and the chromosome aberration test since 2000, it begs the question WHY our troops have not been tested and why they have to turn to a small Charity for testing.

This result makes for further pressure on the prime minister for a public enquiry into Gulf War Illness.

606 Soldiers that we know of have died since April 1991, 5933 to date have applied for War Pensions due to Disablement. We however believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg and the figures on both accounts are actually double.

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Contact Shaun Rusling (Chairman)

Professor Malcolm Hooper DU Panel.

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