Jody Williams: “Let’s raise voices and act together!” at the 11.11 Candle Message

On the evening of November 11th we held a special gathering by the A-bomb in order to form the candle message, “Ban Nukes Now,” with about 1,000 candles for, and together with, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates who participated in the World Summit held in Hiroshima November 12-14. Jody Williams, coordinator for the ICBL, was among those who showed up at the candle message gathering, and gave an inspiring, impassioned message emphasizing the need to raise our voices together and act together, and “push, push, push!” (This candle message gathering was hosted by HANWA (Hiroshima Alliance for Nuclear Weapons Abolition and NO DU Hiroshima Project; Ms. Haruko Moritaki moderated the gathering and Kazashi Nobuo translated the speeches by some of the guests including Jody Williams.)