Three Iraqi doctors to speak in Hiroshima, March 5: What is Happening at the Hospitals in Fallujah Now

Iraq War and Inhuman Weapons:
What is Happening at the Hospitals in Fallujah Now
—An Urgent Appeal toward the 8th Anniversary of Iraq War—
Time: PM 3:30-6:00, March 5, 2011
Venue: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Conference Room II
1) Ms Samira Alani: pediatrician
2) Ms Mayasah Waleed: radiologist
3) Mr.  Abdulgader Abdulkareem: geneticist
4) Ms Yukiko Hashida: director, Hashida Memorial Mohammad Fund
5) Prof. Nobuo Kazashi, director, NO DU Hiroshima Project
Moderator: Ms Haruko Moritaki, executive director, NO DU Hiroshima Project
The three Iraqi doctors are going to report about the reality they are faced with now at their hospitals in Fallujah; lately the media has been reporting about the alarming increase of congenital deformities in Fallujah where it is suspected that various inhuman weapons including DU weapons were used during the fierce attacks by the U.S. forces in 2004. Last year it was also reported that WHO had started an independent study on the critical situation in Fallujah.
Three doctors are staying in Japan for about a month with the support of JICA and Hashida Memorial Mohammad Fund.