YouTube: Remember Fallujah Week: November 14-21, 2010

Dear all,
The email below is from Dr. Samira from Fallujah, who stayed in Japan from late February to late March. She and two other doctors came to Hiroshima and gave reports at a gathering we held for them. And just a few days after visiting Hiroshima, they became involved in the confusions caused by the earthquake and the following nuclear crisis.
Let me transfer the information on to you; I think it quite important to know at least that this kind of activity is being carried out.         Best,   Kazashi
Subject: videos from Remember Fallujah Week: November 14-21, 2010
Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 12:42 AM
Dear friends,
We finally have the videos from Remember Fallujah Week up on youtube.
Please share them. Here are the talks:
1) Dahr Jamail
2) Ross Caputi
3) Professor Irene Gendzier
4) Dr. Dahlia Wasfi
5) Dr. Muhamad Tareq Al Darraji
6) Dr. Entesar Ariabi
Thank you again for all your support, The Justice for Fallujah Project