“Wake UP”: A New Short Documentary on the Contamination by Uranium Minings in Australia
This is from David Bradbury, Australian documentary director.
Wake Up (12minutes)      www.roxstop-action.org
It will explain how a decision about opening up Olympic Dam uranium mine (which currently exports 5,000 tonnes per year of yellowcake, including Uranium Oxide which was used in Fukushima plant…) to export 19,000 tonnes of yellowcake per year four years after the mine is expanded. Olympic Dam has the largest known reserve of uranium on the planet. It is owned by the largest mining corporation in the world. BHPBilliton. They have ignored the wishes of the real traditional owners and gotten some token Aboriginal people who DO NOT have the right to speak for their land to give their approval (and paid some small money of course…). So it seems to meet with the approval of Aboriginal people so us white race of Australians think its ok with them.
For Aboriginal opposition to Olympic Dam on the website see the clip Out of Site Out of Mine. They too had the Atom bomb dropped on them in 1953 by the British. Its under the tab ‘Video’ :
Out of Site Out of Mine.
Here is an article in an Australian newspaper with a visiting Japanese activist. He points out the yellowcake from Fukushima came from Olympic Dam in South Australia.
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We are working on having a translation done of Wake up with some Japanese friends who live near me.
Yours in the struggle for Humanity and all species,
David Bradbury.