2011.8.6 Forum: Calling into Question the Nuclear System: Hiroshima, Iraq, Fukushima

This is a brief report about the DU-related gatherings we had in Hiroshima on August 6:
(1) Every year we held a gathering for DU-campaigners early afternoon on August 6, but this year we decided to have a joint gathering, under the title of “Calling into Question Anew the Nuclear System: Hiroshima, Iraq, Fukushima,” with HANWA (Hiroshima Alliance for Nuclear Weapons Abolition) and those against nuclear power.
Katsumi, as the first speaker, talked about the situation in Fukushima in relation to Chernobyl, and among other main speakers were Mr. Kazuyoshi Satoh, member of the Iwaki City Council in Fukushima Prefecture, Mr. Hiroshima Maruya, doctor and poet, who talked also at the ICBUW Hiroshima Conference, Mr. Arther Binard, well-known American poet residing in Hiroshima. I moderated the gathering, and Ms. Moritaki gave a very moving closing remark, though she had a lung operation only about two months ago.
About 180 people participated in this gathering, and most of them stayed on for more than three hours till the end. The atmosphere was a very heated and concerned one.
(2) Following the joint gathering, we had a separate gathering for the DU-concerned people from about 5:30 to 7:00 PM.
The speakers were Katsumi and Mr. Maki Sato, Secretary-General of JIM-NET, Japan Iraq Medical Network; Katsumi talked about ICBUW’s recent activities and Maki about their relief activities for Iraq and Fukushima as well.  I moderated the gathering and Ms. Moritaki gave an opening remark.
Because it was after the long joint gathering, there were not so many people left, fewer than 20, but we could have a cordial exchange at dinner after the gathering, discussing how we should go on in our domestic DU campaign after the Fukushima accident. One of the points we agreed on was that we should emphasize more the fact that DU weapons is nuclear wastes.

"Calling into Question the Nuclear System: Hiroshima, Iraq, Fukushim

Q&A panel at “Calling into Question the Nuclear System: Hiroshima, Iraq, Fukushima”