Two DU-related Gatherings in Hiroshima, August 5-6, 2009

Every year in the early afteroon of August 6th since 2003 in Hiroshima we hold a gathering for DU-concerned peace activists in Japan, who come to Hiroshima to participate in the A-bomb memorial conferences. This year’s meeting wil have a special significance, not only because of the big steps being made in ICBUW’s campaign on the international scene, but because it is very likely that there will come about the long-awaited change of power after the general election to be held on August 30.
In the post-war politics in Japan, LDP (the Liberal Democratic Party) has been almost continuously in power, but it now seems quite certain that LDP will lose in the next election and a less conservative government will be formed by the Democratic Party of Japan and liberal parties.
Also in the morning of August 5, we hold another DU-related gathering as a part of the program for the International Conference by Japan Congress Against A-And H-Bombs (Gensuikin).

1) The 6th NO DU Exchange Gathering, August 6
: hosted by NO DU Hiroshima Project (ICBUW Hiroshima Office)

In the first part of the gathering, the major activities in the past year will be reported by 4 persons involved in the DU-issues one or another; that is, Mr. Naomi Toyoda (photographer of the Human Cost of Uranium Weapons), Mr. Maki Sato (Executive Director of JIM-NET=Japan Iraq Medical Network), Ms. Katsumi Furitsu, ICBUW’s Science Team member, and myself. In the latter part, we will discuss campaign strategies especially in Japan after the summer. The gathering will be moderated by Ms. Haruko Moritaki, Executive Director of NO DU Hiroshima Project.

2) The “Hiroba” (Open Forum) at the International Conference by Japan Congress Against A-And H-Bombs (Gensuikin)
Theme: “Toward a Ban on Uranium Weapons”
Lecture: “Working at the forefront of the DU problem”
by Naomi Toyoda (photo-journalist)
Reports: “The recent movements around the world for a ban on uranium weapons”
by Katsumi Furitsu, Haruko Moritaki, Nobuo Kazashi (ICBUW’s Steering Committee members)
Moderated by Katsumi Furitsu.