Report: Exchange Meeting on DU Munitions: Seoul, Oct. 19

Dear all,

In the evening of Oct.19th an œexchange meeting on DU munitions? was held at the Green Korea Education Center in Seoul, Korea. It was organized by the photographer Lee Si-woo on the occasion of my visit to Seoul to participate in an academic conference this week.

I talk about the DU problem, the UN resolutions, and ICBUW™s campaign to 10 very committed activists: some young members of Green Korea and those involved in the relief activities for the Korean A-Bomb victims or the anti-US base movements. The gathering lasted for more than 2 and half hours including Q&A, but they listened very attentively to the end. Mr. Lee Si-woo looked fine, although his fight against the unjust charge of having violated the œNational Security Law? at court is still continuing at court.

I presented my talk, referring often to the ICBUW campaign leaflets, A World without Uranium Weapons, and the documentary DVD, The Unknown Terror of DU: Iraqi Children Now, and, after the talk, I left several copies of these campaign materials with them.

I hope such exchange gathering as this will continue in some way or other so that closer cooperation will develop between Korean and Japan for the ICBUW campaign.

For your reference. Kazashi