Plans in Japan: 2008 International Action Day

[1] Tokyo

Gathering: The Fifth International Action Day in Tokyo?
Time: Nov. 22 (Sat.) 18:30: 21:30
Place: Bunkyo Ward Citizens™ Center
Organizer: Citizens™ Net to DU Weapons
Speakers: Mr. Naomi Toyoda (photographer); Mr. Hisataka Yamasaki (Depleted Uranium Center/Japan); JIM-NET
[2] Osaka

1. On-the-Street Appeal
Time: Nov. 9 (Sun.) 12:00-13:30
Place: in front of the Osaka Railroad Station
Organizer: Campaign against Radiation

2. Gathering In Osaka in Solidarity with the International Action Day
Time: Nov.9 (Sun) 14:00-17:00
Organizer: Campaign against Radiation
Lecture: Treaty Banning Cluster Munitions: Present Situation and Tasks? by Ms. Motoko Mekata (JCBL; Prof. of Public Policy, Chuo Univ.)
Report: Global Movements Seeking a Ban on Uranium Weapons: ICBUW™s Actions toward the UN General Assembly in NY? by Dr. Katsumi Furitsu (ICBUW)
[3] Fukuoka

Time: Nov. 22 (Sat) or Nov. 30 (Sun)
Place and other details under consideration
[4] Hiroshima

1. Candle Message: BAN DU NEXT?:
From Hiroshima to Oslo-New York
Time: Nov. 16 (Sun) 17:00-18:30
[To be postponed to the next day in case of rain]
Place: Plaza by the A-Bomb Dome
Organizer: ICBUW Hiroshima Office & 11.16 Planning Committee

2. Gathering for the CMC Global Action Week:
Ban on Inhuman Weapons and Japan™s Role: Toward Abolition of Cluster, DU and Nuclear Weapons
Time: Nov. 16 (Sun) 14:30-16:30
Place: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Conference Room-1
Organizer: JCBL, ICBUW Hiroshima Office, HANWA
Supporter: Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
Opening Speech by Ms. Haruko Moritaki (HANWA; ICBUW)
Lecture: Problems and Objectives in the CMC Campaign? by Ms. Motoko Mekata (JCBL; Prof. of Public Policy, Chuo Univ.)
Report: Perspectives in the BAN DU Campaign? by Mr. Nobuo Kazashi (ICBUW; Prof. of Phillosophy, Kobe Univ.)

3. Photo Exhibition: A World without Uranium Weapons: the ICBUW Challenge?
Time: Dec. 7 (Sun) “Dec.12 (Fri)
Place: Hiroshima Citizens™ Exchange Plaza, Entrance Lobby