Some of the Activities in Japan for the International Day of Action against Depleted Uranium Weapons

(1) Oct. 23-28, Fukuoka City

Photo Exhibition by Naomi Toyoda
Oct. 27: Talk with a Slide Show by Naomi Toyoda

(2) Nov.1-7, Hiroshima City Plaza

Photo Exhibition: Damages by DU Weapons and the Steps of the ICBUW International Campaign to Ban Uranium Weapons?
Organizer: NO DU Hiroshima Project
* Bank Divestment Campaign will be featured by a panel on display.

(3) Nov.11, Bunkyo-Kumin Center in Tokyo

Peace Gathering: Ban D U! Save the Iraqi Children! Against Japans™ New Law for Supporting the American War!
Speakers; Maki Sato, Rei Shiba, Hisataka Yamasaki
Film Showing; The Situation of Iraq?
Organizer: NO DU Citizens™ Network

(4) Nov. 11, Kobe Community-Creation Hall in Kobe

Peace Gathering and a Way-side Speech
Panelist: Katsumi Furitsu, Yoshimura and others
Organizer: Campaign Against Radiation Exposure/NO DU Kobe and others

Related Events:

(1) Oct.11th, at Senshu University, Ikuta Campus in Tokyo

Peace Gathering: Talk by Haruko Moritaki
Title: “the Reality of the “US’s War against Terrorism,” and the Damages by DU”
Organizer: Student Society of Cultural Circle of Senshu University

(2) Oct.20th, in Nagato City in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Peace Gathering & Photo Exhibition: Talk by Haruko Moritaki
Title:Radiation Damages from Uranium Mining to DU weapons?
Showing of a film, taken by Moritaki in Iraq as well as at the uranium mining in Jadugoda, India.
Photo Exhibition: The Iraqi Children suffering from DU damages
Organizer: Peace Committee of COOP in Yamaguchi

(3) Oct. 25, at the Former Nihon Bank Hiroshima Branch (A-bombed building)

Exhibition of War?
Testimony Talk by Haruko Moritaki
Title: Radioactive Weapons and Hiroshima
Showning of a film taken by Moritaki in Iraq and at the uranium mining in Jadugoda
Organized by the Executive Committee for the War Exhibition for Peace in Hiroshima

(5) November.3rd, at the Chuo University, Tama Campus in Tokyo

Lecture & Photo Exhibition
Lecture by Haruko Moritaki
Title:Uranium Disaster going on Today in Iraq and Afghanistan Disaster: What we should do to after Hiroshima?
Display of Panel Photos: Iraqi Children”Victims of DU
Organizer: University Festival Committee, Student Society of History

(6) Nov.4, at Gakushuin University of Mejiro Campus in Tokyo

Lecture: Haruko Moritaki
Title:Iraq Polluted by Radioactivity of D U: the Reality of the American War supported by Japan?
Photo Exhibition, Oct.24-Nov.6: Iraqi Children: Victims of DU
Organizer: University Festival Committee, Student Union